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Service Overview

Door access control is a service that provides secure access to a building or facility by controlling who can enter and exit. It is typically used in commercial and industrial settings, such as offices, warehouses, and factories. Access control systems can be used to restrict access to certain areas, monitor who is entering and exiting, and provide a record of who has accessed the facility. Access control systems can be as simple as a keypad entry system or as complex as a biometric system that requires a fingerprint or other biometric data for entry.

Technology Management

Door access control technology management is the process of controlling access to a building or facility using electronic access control systems. These systems are used to restrict access to authorized personnel and to monitor the activities of those who enter and exit the facility. Access control systems can be used to control access to physical areas, such as doors, gates, and elevators, as well as to digital resources, such as computer networks and databases. Access control systems typically include a combination of hardware, software, and communication networks. The hardware components include card readers, keypads, and biometric readers. The software components include access control software, which is used to manage user access rights and to monitor access activity. The communication networks are used to connect the access control system to other systems, such as security cameras and alarm systems.

Technical Services

Door access control technical service includes installation, maintenance, and repair of door access control systems. This service includes the installation of hardware such as card readers, keypads, and biometric scanners, as well as the programming of software to control access to a facility. It also includes troubleshooting and repair of existing systems, as well as upgrades and modifications to existing systems.


Door access control consultancy is a service that provides advice and guidance to businesses on the best door access control systems for their needs. This type of consultancy can help businesses to select the most appropriate access control system for their premises, taking into account factors such as budget, security requirements, and the size and layout of the building. The consultant can also provide advice on the installation and maintenance of the system, as well as providing training for staff on how to use it. In addition, the consultant can provide advice on the best practices for using the system, such as setting up user profiles and setting access rights.

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