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Service Overview

Structured cabling is a type of cabling system that is designed to support multiple hardware and software applications. It is a comprehensive system of cables, connectors, and other components that are used to connect computers, phones, and other devices within a building or campus. Structured cabling is designed to provide a reliable and secure network infrastructure that can be easily expanded and upgraded as needed. It is also designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing for the addition of new technologies and applications. Structured cabling is used in a variety of applications, including data centers, office buildings, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

Technology Management

Structured cabling technology management is the process of managing the installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems. It involves the planning, design, installation, testing, operation, and maintenance of cabling networks and related hardware. Structured cabling systems are used to support data, voice, video, and other communication services.

Structured cabling technology management is a complex process that requires careful planning and consideration of the environment in which the cabling system will be installed. It also requires expertise in the design, installation, and operation of the system. The goal of structured cabling technology management is to ensure that the cabling system is reliable, efficient, and secure.

When planning and designing a structured cabling system, the manager must consider the number of users, their locations, their requirements, and their cabling needs. The manager must then select the appropriate type of cabling and the appropriate type of hardware for the system. The manager must also consider the environmental conditions in which the cabling system will be installed, and the safety and security of the system.

Once the system is designed, the manager must ensure that it is installed correctly. This involves testing the system for proper operation and making any necessary adjustments. The manager must also ensure that

Network Security and Compliance

Structured cabling is the foundation of any network, so it is important to ensure it is secure and compliant with industry standards. Security measures should include physical security, network access control, data encryption, and authentication protocols. Additionally, all cabling systems should be tested for potential security vulnerabilities and should be regularly maintained. Compliance with industry standards is also important for structured cabling. Standards such as IEEE 802.3, ANSI/TIA-568-C, and ISO/IEC 11801 are used to ensure that the cabling is up to date and meets the performance requirements of the network. It is also important to ensure that the cabling is installed correctly to prevent any issues with the performance of the network.

Technical Services

Structured cabling technical services are specialized services that provide the necessary infrastructure for businesses to operate and communicate in a more efficient and secure manner. Structured cabling includes the installation and maintenance of cables, routers, switches, patch panels, and other related equipment that are used to set up a secure and reliable network. These services can also include setting up wireless networks, VoIP solutions, and other advanced cabling solutions. Structured cabling technical services can help businesses maximize the efficiency of their networks and reduce the cost associated with implementing new technology.


Structured cabling consultancy is a service that helps organizations design and implement data and voice cabling systems. It is a specialized service that involves the installation, relocation, and expansion of cabling for voice, data, video, and other communication systems. Structured cabling consultants help organizations plan and design cabling systems that meet their specific needs. They also provide advice and guidance on the selection of appropriate cabling components and products, and can help evaluate the impact of various cabling systems on the overall performance of the network. The consultant can also help assess the needs of the organization, identify the most cost-effective solutions, and ensure the cabling system is installed correctly and meets current standards and regulations.

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